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Compatible with Duplo 21s Duplo 203 Duplo 3se Duplo 3SE Duplo 3100 DP3300 Duplo 23S/F Duplo 24S/F  

 Compatible with Duplo 2530 Duplo 2930 Duplo 330 Duplo 430 Duplo 440    

 Compatible with DP-S520/550/620/650/850

Compatible with DP-C120

Compatible with DP3100,DP3300

 Compatible with DP-21S

Compatible with  DP2050,DP31S/F,DP33S/F,DP3060  

 Compatible with DP-23S/F,DP24S/F

 Compatible with DP-21S

 Compatible with DP-C110,CP-C120,DP-C100

 Compatible with JP1010,1030
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